Directing Commercials

Yesterday I wrapped directing the "Wait and Now" ads-- a series of commercials for Morehouse College. Each commercial, about :30 seconds to a 1:00 minute in length, will be distributed via the Internet throughout the year. We shot seven of them, back to back. The crew, a mix of industry pros, college employees and three great students, were great to work with and gave me the support I needed to pull off the job. Nods go especially to Vice Prez Phillip Howard who served as Executive Producer and to Bret Benson and Ali Amin Carter--two incredibly talented actors.

If you know me (or know about me) I'm usually writing or producing, I don't get a chance to direct as much as I like. So this was a great opportunity for me to stretch my wings and work those directing muscles. It felt good. I'm ready to tackle more. So bring on the Budweiser, Nike, Coca-Cola and Micky D size commercials!