Getting It All Done... Now

I've got a lot on my plate--creatively speaking-- to complete these days:
  1. An original screenplay for a "mega-church" preacher who lives in Texas.
  2. A stage play for Thomas Miles (aka Nephew Tommy).
  3. An original screenplay for a film producer (who is actually making movies today!)
  4. A sitcom pilot for a former sitcom TV star
  5. Field produce a docu-reality story for an ESPN program. 
  6. Create, design and consult upon courses for a new film program at Morehouse College
  7. Solicit critiques on "Bach, A Monster" -- my original screenplay.  (Then begin rewrites.)
Someone suggested that I bring on a co-writer.  And though the idea intrigues me, I must admit that I think my ego is pulling me back from the idea.  I've been working to achieve a certain level of success as a writer for many years. And now when it seems as if I have some real opportunities to step up to another level, I have to dilute my potency for the sake of getting these projects done within a certain amount of time?  But getting them done and in a timely manner IS the name of this game.  Opportunity will wait only so long. But how do I get these scripts written quickly and solely by my hand?

I think the answer is discipline and focus. 

I must discipline myself to make the best use of all hours in each day. And I must force my focus to remain sharp, and not sway, for even five minutes.  Will this work?  I don't know.  Of course I cannot neglect my other duties in life (home, exercise, family, etc) of which there are plenty.  But so many of my dreams and desires rest upon my professional achievement.  I must be bold.  I must be bodacious.  And I must begin it now.

And I'll keep you posted.  Wish me luck!