HBO's "The Leftovers" A Good Journey to Where?

About a month ago, I recently started watching the  HBO's series, "The Leftovers." At the time, the jury was out as to whether to recommend this series.  The verdict is now in: watch it.

It's co-created and co-written by "Lost" creator Damon Lindelof (an NYU grad) which partially explains why it's reminiscent of that series. This show, like the island drama, is enveloped in a huge mystery that exists outside of the natural world--as we understand it. There are a dozen or so hovering dramatic questions that never seem to get answered, but I imagine viewers will watch "The Leftovers" with the expectations that all will be explained in the end. Given our "Lost" final resolutions, I am not wholly convinced that we'll get them.

Yet, like "Lost," this show features some great acting, genuine characterizations and has a bizarre, yet ultimately engaging, plot. The show features the cop-with-an-edge, the faithful preacher, a mystical man impregnating Asian women and a creepy cult whose members incessantly smoke cigarettes.  Where is it all going?  I ain't sure--but the trip ain't bad.