My Crack, And Yours

Let me put this out there: I have never used crack. And I feel ultimately confident that I never will use crack. There.

That being said, I admit I do sometimes understand the need to have one's senses revved up and the brain cells firing on all cylinders.  (Supposedly that's what crack and some other illegal drugs do for some people.)  As writers gaping at the blank page or anybody else who stares into the white space of a Google query or at a growing stack of paperwork to sort through, we often find ourselves in these soul-dampened, brain numbing moods.  At these times it feels easier to take a nap or lay about on the couch watching "Jersey Shore." So how do you kick start your batteries to put you in that Rocky workout montage mind set where you feel ultimately confident, charged up and ready to fly now-- without smoking crack?

It varies for every person, but identifying your personal battery chargers can be key to achieving success.

We all get down, tired, sluggish, weary, anxiety worried and just damn lazy at times.  Yet, there is a consistent part of our brain that knows we must get off our ass, write the pages, be focused, make smart decisions and maximize each minute in our day so we can ultimately finish the screenplay, get the movie made, publish the book, sort through those papers so we can take that trip, purchase that car or buy a beach house on a Jersey shore.  Whatever.

In the next few posts I will share with you my crack supply.

These are things that keep me fired up and moving when I don't feel like doing the right thing.  Perhaps these tricks of my trade can help you too, or at the very least, help you identify what your particular crack is.  I do not condone the use of illegal drugs, but if some of these tips make sense, if they can be an emotional or mind lifting drug to help you achieve all that you dream, then by all means, puff puff, pass (it on).

Stay tuned!